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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2020 4:15am-4:30am CET

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it's the former gemini and us trying to had said he wanted to remain on the board but had his mind investor says the club can no longer work with clinton. up next is business news here on day w. for the l m i think howard thanks for watching. the literature invites us to see people in particular. like to see is the kids fine grown up. to be books on youtube. to present your over the most sensitive and its most explosive. most creative.
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trying to taste you never really charming. why did you lose the resistible. w. 0. during our forest sell off the electric car maker 10 flights preparing to offload $2000000000.00 worth of stock this just by c.e.o. elon musk insisting the company doesn't need that cost will go to wall street to find out what's behind the surprise move. to argentina government takes hold talks with the international monetary fund the government hoping to renegotiate a monster blow that critics say is contending the country's economic misery.
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and consumer culture are a very worst every year billions of dollars worth of returns processed it ends up a landfill will tell you why online retailers like amazon prefer to burn on ones of products that don't make. this business on k. ferguson welcome tesla c.e.o. elon musk was once again surprised markets this time with the announcement of a major stock selloff and we can see just how a major right here shares worth 2000000000 dollars will go on sale the decision comes off for a meteoric rise in the company's share price over the past few months since june of last year the company's stock has more than quadrupled making the prospect of selling off an order to raise capital all the more appealing. but it hasn't all been smooth sailing for tesla the company's shanghai facility was temporarily closed because of the coronavirus site break tesla has also had to recall $15000.00
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model x. s.u.v.s like this one because of an issue with the power steering abscessed now i find i bought all of this means less cross over to g.w. financial correspondent gets caught up on wall street again so will investors be flocking to buy tesla shares well clearly they did so here on thursday the stock having another strong showing gaining almost 5 percent in value and after this a huge rise in the stock price of the prize is just too good for tesla to refuse and there was so much going on in the past couple of months last summer there was a lot of guessing tesla might be running out of cash wall street betting against the stock but then the opposite happened and now with tesla being so well you will. decided to take advantage of that and give more shares
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at least for now does not seem to have a huge cash problem at least for the moment and yet i can't let you go without talking about huawei the news coming in that the u.s. justice department has filed new charges this time accusing the company of plotting to steal trade secrets how significant is this. well the claims that. chile is stealing. trade secrets that they're going after paintings from western technology companies those claims are not necessarily new but what the u.s. prosecutors are doing now is they actually treat you all by as if they are a criminal organization so that's clearly an escalation so this is the legal side and then clearly we also have the political side ministration tries to convince.
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other countries to not do business with us why especially when it comes to the 5 g. network so it's clearly an escalation between. the u.s. government and probably also between the u.s. and chinese government all of this adding to the existing tension and caught on wall street thanks so much argentina's government is holding talks with representatives from the international monetary fund in the hope of finding a solution to the country's massive debt problem over the past month the value of the peso has plummeted making it all the more difficult to pay back loans this amid widespread poverty and high unemployment. the argentinean government uses food stamps to fight hunger in the centers where their 100 there are long lines ever fewer argentinians can afford to shop in supermarkets the inflation rate is among the highest in the world at over 50 percent the economy is shrinking and
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unemployment is on the rise more and more people are sliding into poverty. the current government has only been in office a short time it can't be blamed for the crisis economy minister martin guzman inherited a vast debt burden and it's clear who he blames. for the money that the international monetary fund is also responsible for the debt crisis and the economic crisis that argentina is experiencing today. whether or not that's true it's what most argentinians believe and they're furious with their former president. who took out a deeply unpopular $56000000000.00 bailout loan from the washington based i.m.f. and 2018 the i.m.f. biggest ever loan required cuts in spending nearly all the money was used to service payments on the national debt and pay back other creditors that's why argentina booted out the old government and that's why i m f representatives are in town these days to negotiate debt repayment they're not welcome at the
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demonstrations in buenos aires airballs has reported a loss of almost 1500000000 euros for 2019 deaths due to the massive 3600000000 euro fine the european playmaker had to pay to settle a longstanding corruption investigation on the upside airball threatening did increase significantly to 2 a sharp rise in commercial aircraft deliveries. has again slashed a financial expectations for 2020 ofter its latest results showed an 87 percent drop in profits during the final 9 months of last year scandals falling sales and neither the coronavirus are all weighing on the chopping these carmaker. nissen might be starting to get used to this on thursday it again found itself having to say sorry. it was let me express my sincere regret to shareholders the company
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results were weaker than expected those results make tough reading a $240000000.00 loss for the last quarter compared to a 640000000 dollars profit a year earlier driven mostly by falling sales business and problems are many and it doesn't see them clearing up any time soon for example the company continues to deal with the scandal surrounding former chairman call us going listen he's now claiming damages from his ex boss who escaped custody in japan. nisson is also battling slowing demand in key markets such as china speaking of which coronaviruses further weakening the company's outlook and sound has halted its production in china until at least later this month execs have assured investors an overall turnaround plan is in place however it could take some time until nissen is flying high again. now here's a statistic that might shock you every year an estimated 7000000000 euros worth of
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brand new and used goods are destroyed in germany one of the biggest offenders is online retail giant amazon our next report explains why it's often more economical for a company to trash goods that don't make them. these photographs are a testimony to our consumer society the show brand new christmas lights electric fires and books still in their original packing goods that will never reach a consumer because they're destined to be destroyed. journalists discovered that a waste disposal company removes containers full of new goods from the site every week and takes them to be incinerated. into heat and is a productive valuable resource is going to every one of these products which are often small products made in se asia and shipped around the world and it's a comb. these pictures come from this amazon site near humber amazon packs and posts around 1000 parcels
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a day here most are from 3rd party vendors who appear to store their goods at the site amazon takes care of sales and shipping. economist biarne as decker has carried out extensive research of the amazon business model according to as dekker if 3rd party vendors can sell their goods storage costs will eat up the profits but not take an idea and if an article hasn't been sold in a year then storage costs rise to 170 years picky. by then it's clear the company profitable and does a pressure tools destroying the goods and so out of the tank but. amazon doesn't deny that new goods are being destroyed the company says it's a general problem in the industry but why can't the goods be donated to the german retail federation says they would still have to pay sales tax and they want that to change the german government however believes the transparency law could be enough to decrease the number of brand new articles getting dumped. via one can obviously
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want to know exactly what measures the dealers are taking to ensure unsold products or new products don't become waste for example by selling these products more cheaply or by donating them i think that many companies will reconsider their actions if they have to make it public later that it does and she's an efficient as . the government says in the future the trashing of new goods should only happen in exceptional cases and it will be made harder to destroy brand new or return codes the new transparency law would force retail giants such as amazon to publish figures and goods they destroyed so it would be at least clearer as to what extent our consumer society throws things away. now if you're still searching for the perfect valentine's day gift and your unbridled affection isn't enough you may want to consider a 1000000 dollar a bottle of whisky this collection of 100 year old bottles of whiskey used to belong to a us boxing tycoon but they could be yours if you have some change to spare among
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the collection is a rare mccalla 1926 it was auctioned off last year at sotheby's for just under $2000000.00 but be quick the lot could be gone by the time the auction closes next week. a simple happy valentine's day would be enough for me but it's launch over say that's it for me and the business team here in berlin you can get more on our website the state of utah kong slash business there on social media to drop us a line there for me it's goodbye and take care. i'm
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a business model. i'm a brand. we are. influenced. shameless blowhards. or innovative businesspeople who majorly impact the economy.
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